The training consists of 3 onsite modules for Family Constellation group work.


Each one of the onsite Module consists of 4 days training. The entire training spread over an approximate duration of 5 – 7 months.


Module 1

Schedule : 10th to 13th March 2023

Duration : 9am to 6pm

Venue : Prana Well-being Center


During the extensive feedback following each constellation the facilitators will point out and extract the theory behind it, like


*The 3 basic dynamics or Orders of Love

*The systemic knots or entanglements

*The types of emotions at work

* Forms of resolution

*Who belongs to the family system?

* Phenomenology and Presence

* The systemic sense of balance

* Dealing with resonances in the group

*Use of sentences


Certification of Practitioner FC can be obtained at the end of the full training, for these final certifications the participants have to demonstrate their facilitating skills in a facilitating session with invited guests.



For more information and registration

Call : 04 4919808

Whatsapp : 050 4170465


DM : pranawellbeingcenter


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